The pavilion

Visitors will be able to walk freely through spaces designed as an expression of Italian creativity and the most typical aspects of the country’s culture, through a completely innovative exhibition, capable of introducing international visitors to the latest publishing news and more.

The project undertaken by the Stefano Boeri Interiors studio is inspired by the piazza as the principle generator for the Italian city, transporting visitors into a vibrant and changing environment, a symbol of Italian cultural creativity, where they can discover the latest publishing and literary innovations. 

To this end, the pavilion is articulated around a real central piazza, dominated by a series of architectural elements, such as the arcades that define its perimeter, the columns that mark its rhythm and the steps that surround the area, becoming a kind of informal seating area on which to gather freely and spontaneously, as is seen in the historic centres of Italian cities. An identifying place par excellence, the piazza will become the beating heart of the rich array of appointments and readings over the four days of the Fair, and will be the canonical space for meetings, relationships and conviviality.

Stefano Boeri